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As i sit here and pick at the sore on my ring finger on my left hand, and watch all of the houses in my mind go in circles and circles of cycles and cycles blow up around me, and then realize the sun is rising, its another day.....

it's not just another day. this day is for me to do something large. Large and good. I've beaten heroin, and cigarettes are just great. "Go on! even if your mother had breast cancer! live to DEFY death! tell all your friends about it!".....

I have thisa homeopathic bottle sitting infront of me of ignatius for grief. but i've been thinking, cooking some new thoughts in my brain as I've decided to step out of the law abiding citizen machine line... maybe those hippies who are trying to change the world who just "smoke pot and smell bad"... really arent doing me a favour by fucking selling me sugar pills for 5 bucks a tube.

maybe i have to feel this pain and agony and grief so fucking bad until i beat it. pain is one of the most prominent things about life... and i can say "fuck you, life.. i fucking beat something that most people fall to their kneese from and try to escape. I looked pain right in the eye and told it I wouldnt stop staring at it until it went away."

so If i have to stay up all night and hurt that way, thats life. thats living. i dont need an affirmation..... anymore than this, although getting thrills is always something fun...

who broke into the gunshop last year at 3am?

..oh I dont know...

I'm just an 18 year old college girl.
Hi, I'm Caitlin.
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