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Who is your Tyler?

You want to make changes? So do a lot of people, but most don't because they never take any initiative. I read through these posted entries here and most of what I saw were people whining -- bitch and moan about the state of affairs, but where does it get you? Some of you want to copy Tyler, be him, plenty of quotations flung about but what did you learn from the story? Don't be copycats, find your own plan and follow it through. Rest assured that some personality out there may be capable of what Tyler/Jack achieved, but keep in mind it didn't start with this decision to rebel against the world. It started with one man sick of the society he could not escape who wanted to experience something more, something outside himself, something real and not manufactured. Because so many others echoed his despair, they drew near to him -- toward the man who finally ran with it. He was breaking free of his prison and others wanted to walk through those gates with him. Consider that in the implication that all life is meaningless, perhaps the message is to give your life meaning. What are the bars of your cage? What part of life chains you? Start with yourself if you want to start a revolution. Only when you free yourself, do others see they're on the wrong side of the wall. Tyler was a tool -- a means to an end. When Jack broke free Tyler was no longer necessary.
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